My work draws its nourishment from my careful and intense observation of everything around me. Interior images are born from these explorations and often my personal experience becomes mixed in with both the active and the static socio-political movements that I subject to questioning. The question that I thus set myself is : how can I tell this story? Most often it is towards the margins that I direct my glance.
Go far to achieve what lies close… My stay in Japan (1997-2002) has become a determining factor in my artistic journey and the pivot of my own work which I continue to develop in different forms. Being at a distance led me to reflect on myself and the other, to think of otherness.

Between the intimate sphere and the public space, my vision has scrutinised the memory of men and places. In my approach, the explicit and the serendipitous give way to evocative and taciturn questioning.
My work, in its various forms, poses the universal question of identities, borders, confinement and forgotten terrains. I summon up the unnamed oppressed, absent or lost people from different angles — all those familiar strangers who, under duress or out of injustice, express resistance, the possibility of the creation and the hope for salvation.

Mouna Karray ON Origins, Artists on Africa
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