The Rope

The Rope

2014, Paris


And what if the light, instead of saving us from darkness, should lead us to a vertiginous glow where fright and ecstasy mingle?

This glow would be hell itself, having emerged from the forest where the line of a straight rope through the trees only provides the illusion of an already lost straight path.
This rope draws me, I draw on, and in its tautness it features my torments, my oscillation between desire and repulsion… Where does the rope lead me in this blinding light which erases both memory and the future?
The photograph also sees its fate exposed to the life-giving or death-bringing light, which will make the image appear or disappear…


Mouna Karray, The Rope 1/4

Commissioned by MMK Museum für Modern Kunst for the exhibition Divine Comedy, Frankfurt, 2014

The Rope, Pigment ink on baryte paper. Framed, quadriptych: 119.4/558.8 cm

The Rope, Mouna Karray, View MMK, "The Divine Comedy"

The Rope