2007-2009, Sfax


My home town is Sfax, an industrial harbour city in southern Tunisia. Over four decades, a series of political decisions has gradually been transforming the port of Sfax into an unaccessible and forlorn place.

Before being almost completely razed in 2008, this area had become abandoned and out of bounds. Only enigmatic fragments of dilapidated walls managed to survive in this zone, torn between the devil of a sometimes tragic past and the deep blue sea of an uncertain futureā€¦

It is my photographs of these disappeared fragments that keep their memory alive.

In 2009, I photographed residential neighborhoods in the city of Sfax. As I walked through the city, I was struck by the correspondence between the sections of the port walls and those that line the streets, pieces of enclosure, abandoned or vaguely repaired, unable to signify their reason for being or for having experienced neither the fate nor the destiny reserved for them. My photographs bear witness to the uncertainty of both their identity and their future…


Series of 27 photographs, Silver print, 100/100 cm each

Mouna Karray, Murmurer, Tyburn Gallery