Identity at Stake

Identity at stake - Au risque de l'identité, Mouna Karray

Identity At Stake

2001-, Tokyo, Tunis, Sfax, Paris, Perugia


Identity at Stake consists of meeting a woman, taking photographs of her in her own environment and then photographing myself in that woman’s environment, adopting her gestures and her way of dressing.

In this act of substitution, I take the risk of coming as close as possible to the identity of the other. Through this smooth metamorphosis, I combine the two identities at stake… Even though it is a resemblance that seems to be sought during the photographic session, in the end it is the difference that is revealed.


Identity at Stake, a long-life project, Diptych, 90/90 cm each image.
French title: Au risque de l’identité

Mouna Karray Exhibition view, MAMA, Alger

Exhibition view, Regards des photographes arabes contemporains, National Museum of Contemporary Art of Algiers, Algeria, 2008

Identity at Stake