#Cometogether - Edge of Arabia

London - UK


07-28 October 2012, London - UK

Exhibition curated by: Stephen Stapleton
and Diana Wigersma (Nadour Collection)


#Cometogether represented Edge of Arabia’s return to London, showcasing large-scale, multi-media work by leading Arab and Islamic world artists in the heart of creative, multicultural East London.

Mouna Karray show the sound installation Something on the shore, part of the Nadour collection.

The artist found the object by chance…Despite its age, you can still hear the tape…We hear some chanting from the Koran, a mixture of unidentifiable sounds and of music… a dialogue, some words:
“its rolling, its rolling, not a sound!”
On the shore, the searching continues…


Exhibition view of the sound installation Something on the shore

#Cometogether – Edge of Arabia, London